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Known subclasses: twistar.relationships.BelongsTo, twistar.relationships.HABTM, twistar.relationships.HasMany, twistar.relationships.HasOne

Base class that all specific relationship type classes extend.
See AlsoHABTM, HasOne, HasMany, BelongsTo
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21 Method __init__ Constructor.
def __init__(self, inst, propname, givenargs):
ParametersinstThe DBObject instance.
propnameThe property name in the DBObject instance that results in this class being created.
givenargsAny arguments given (through the use of a dict in the class variable in DBObject rather than a string to describe the relationship). The given args can include, for all relationships, a class_name. Depending on the relationship, association_foreign_key and foreign_key might also be used.
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