Showoff: Github Repo Lists on Pages

Posted 22 Oct 2012 to github, moonshinedevco and has Comments

I was looking around for a decent way to embed github repository information in web pages but couldn’t find anything. All I wanted was the ability to show the same things that are listed for each repo on a user’s homepage, but I wanted to be able to show repos from across accounts (I have code under a few different organizations). I couldn’t find anything, so I created a little Javascript library called showoff.

It’s pretty simple to showoff two repos, each under a different organization. You just give a div you want to fill, and the usernames and repos you want to see.

$(function() { 
  SHOWOFF.load('examplerepos', { 
      'bmuller': [ 'sexmachine' ], 
      'moonshinedevco': [ 'showoff' ] 

This results in the following display:

It’s not as pretty as the one github shows, but they have their own octicons. If you want to use it, check out the showoff github repo to play.