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It now looks like I'll be defending a MS at MUSC on December 10 and hopefully transitioning into a PhD program at JHU (not sure which program yet) starting next fall.  I've currently started working full time right now as a research assistant in the Center for Computational Genomics at Johns Hopkins and am a part time MS student (in a full time program) in the Computer Science department.  I quit my previous job a few months ago, and I've been surprised at what a change of environment can do to morale.  For instance, compare these two pictures:

The first is a picture of the hallway at my most recent job.  The building was old, damp, large, and mostly empty.  It had a chilling effect on the soul (I think in large part due to how empty and fluorescent it was).  Compare that with the second image, from my new office, where I work with an excellent view of downtown Baltimore (including the famous Key Bridge and Fell's Point).  There is a ton of natural light and many collaborative areas with white boards, cock sauce, and free coffee.  The pay is horrible compared to the first place - but the new environment is worth at least the difference.  It is amazing how little I care about the difference in pay compared to how important I consider something simple like sunlight to be.  I don't even mind working late to get this view:

Hurrah for the new digs!

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