XMPP in Bioinformatics

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Came across this paper today:

I'm pretty excited that there is anyone else in Bioinformatics that even knows what XMPP is.  As the amount of data that is transfered via networks to servers that run processes (e.g., many methods being released today provide an API) increases, protocols like XMPP will need to take over and leave HTTP based ones (SOAP, REST) in the dust.

Hurrah!  I'm excited.

Also came across this article: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10706945 - and all I can say is that I'm speechless.  The trial participants must be quite....interesting...

New pics of Baltimore / the new apt soon....

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Very cool, especially now that there are XEPs for stream compression without using TLS. I feel like that would have been an issue, given the verbose nature of XML streams.

What are the good (stable, featurefull) xmpp libraries?

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