First week in Baltimore

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So, I'm now all moved in to Baltimore.  Big city.  I won't have inter tubes until Tuesday night, so in the meantime I'm drinking coffee and using tubes at a place a block away from my apartment - http://www.redemmas.org - which is a commie/anarchist "worker-owned and collectively-managed" bookstore/coffee shop.  The conversational topics here are amazing, as I'm sure you can imagine.  They basically go like:

So, dude, like we should, like, totally just stop using money, and, like, start living on farms and like treating animals with respect.  And everybody should have free healthcare, which we won't really need 'cause there won't be any McDonalds, and, like, college should be free.
Totally dude, down with capitalist pigs and up with real pigs, man, like they're smart animals, man.  I mean, like, society is totally screwed up, like fuck it, dude.
Of course, I then can only think of retorting in Mr. Lebowski style:
Sure!  Fuck it!  That's your answer!  Tattoo it on your forehead!  Your answer to everything!  Your "revolution" is over, [smelly hippie]!  Condolences!  The bums lost!  My advice is, do what your parents did!  Get a job, sir!  The bums will always lose-- do you hear me?!

The coffee isn't bad, though, and the tubes are free.

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