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I just finished my second day in Naples.  This town is quite the anti-Toronto.  There is trash everywhere, an active mob, rampant petty crime, and a city plan that apparently called for only dark cramped alley ways rather than any large, well-lit thoroughfares. 

The hostel is great, though - quite clean and trendy.  Plus they have movies.  Naturally, I'm watching Casino.  The only problem is the tubes speed is crap - so it might be a while before I can upload the rest of the Rome pictures.

I went on a day trip to Pompeii today and had a great time.  There were even a few bodies frozen in time in their homes.  Kind of creepy, but apparently most people left within 12 hours of the initial eruption of Vesuvius and only the dumbasses stayed behind.  Speaking of which, it is long overdue for another eruption.  Comforting.

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