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Having trouble with incontinence?

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That's a real MUSC phone number for the Department of Psychiatry....and what looks like a great joke from Ish.  Remember kids, if you do graffiti you'll regularly shit yourself.  Looks like some good material for a fake PSA.


Filming Has Begun!

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Today was our first day of filming for the Street Level Lab documentary on graffiti in Charleston. The picture below is of our executive producer Matt Slechter and me playing with one of the HD cameras.  If you want to help out in any way, email us at film@streetlevellab.com.


water time

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Last weekend I finished by PADI open water scuba certification and got some good pics of Shem Creek.

I spent Friday night on Morris Island and got a good shot of the light house as well. To get there me and a friend parked at the northern end of Folly Island, strapped skateboards to the bottom of some kayaks, and pulled them the half mile down the old coast guard road to the end of the island. The trip from there to Morris Island was short - most of the inlet is really shallow. Morris Island is not as fun as it looks from Google Earth.

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