Version 0.6 of Apache mod_auth_openid Released

Posted 11 Dec 2010 to apache, mod auth openid project and has Comments

Just made another release of the mod_auth_openid Apache module. There are a number of changes in this release, notably the fact that it is now an actual authentication module (using the ap_hook_check_user_id hook). This means that rather than using the old ghetto syntax of explicitly enabling the module with a configuration option, you can now just specify that you want an authentication type of openid:

AuthType     OpenID
require valid-user

Additionally, you can now use the typical require syntax to specify certain users as authenticated:

require user

A number of other bugs were fixed as well. I’m hoping after a few feature additions to finally be able to release a 1.0 version sometime soon. The new module version can be downloaded or cloned:

git clone git://
cd mod_auth_openid
git checkout -b 0.6